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About us


Family Boutique Clinic - Made just for You.

The Dental Prime Clinic is a family boutique dental clinic dedicated to providing its patients with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Joining the concepts of family and business has created a strong unity. This unity and mutual support help us push the boundaries of our work.

The satisfaction of our patients is our priority. Dr. Ivan Puljić, a renowned specialists in the field of cosmetic dentistry, along with his team, in collaboration with the world's best manufacturers from the dental industry, such as Nobel, IvoclarVivadent, STRUMMAN and others, provide the highest level of quality for their patients.

Dental Prime team is committed to helping you feel comfortable throughout your stay, from the moment you call our office until the time treatment is completed. Our boutique Clinic is located in the center of Zagreb Kušlanova 5, the Croatian capital. It is located near the park Maksimir largest park in Zagreb with beautiful nature where you can spend hours.

Your Best choice!

Dental Prime Clinic is definitely your best and safest choice when it comes to dental aesthetics and implant dental practice. And why is it so ...?

Because the essence of the business and the conditions under which the Prime Dental Clinic operates is always strive to become better than we were yesterday ... thus setting new boundaries in cosmetic and restoration dental practice day by day.

Because we have the best people on the job who bring their passion to everyday work and by that we are able to set up new trends in the quality and performance of dental cases. Dental Prime assembled a team of top experts on the market today from field of Cosmetic and implantation restorative dentistry and laboratory and technical solutions today.

Because we follow world trends and thus we use the best technology and the world's best materials currently available in the market.

Because we have an individual approach to each of our clients - Dr. Ivan Puljic personally dedicates it’s time to all of his patients.

Because our work has been recognized by the world's largest dental company Ivoclar Vivadent - Dr. Ivan Puljic is nominated as their Opinion Leader and Lector.


Our staff is fluent in English, Italian and German language so that is no need to have any fear of the language barrier. We have lots of daily experience in a large number of satisfied foreign patients.