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About us

Five good reasons why choose Dental Prime


„ The most important thing is finding the right dentist! Dr Ivan Puljić will meet all your criteria.

If you are little sceptical about doing your teeth abroad or you know you want to do it, because is cost efficient, but you have thousands questions like… Where am I going to do it? Is this doctor an expert? Does he have enough experience and expertise? In the end, will I be satisfied (it is a long way to do it)? Will I get what I want? Quality guarantee?

…The need for the right dentist it will always be a quest and it will always bring certain questions and concerns.

In that case, choose one who is certificated and authorised by international corporations in dental business. Big international companies want jeopardize their reputation by supporting dentist with no adequate expertise.

Dr. Ivan Puljić has reputation of being the Opinion Leader in Cosmetic Dentistry for the biggest international dental company IVOCLAR VIVADENT which supports the world’s best dentist. Dr. Puljić and his team have gathered a great experience working with foreign patients from Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Austria, Slovenia.

Through monitoring global trends we are constantly investing time and money in improving our expertise and skills.

“I am personally dedicated to each individual patient, from start through the end of treatment. That is our strength.” – Dr Ivan Puljić.

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#2 PRIME SAVINGS & Guarantee for Prime Quality

“You are at the right place! No extras or hidden costs.”

We guarantee that with Dental Prime not only you will save your money, but you will also save your time and your nerves. High quality doctor is the key for saving money, because… first, you will get what you want and second, it will be at affordable price. Win-win.

Quality is guaranteed. Our clinic is supported from global prestigious dental companies like Ivoclar Vivadent and Nobel Biocare and many others.

#3 Five star Treatment

Fast and accurate diagnosis. Free accommodation. Logistic support. Impeccable staff professionalism. Excellence in quality performance. Quality guaranteed. Affordable prices. After Care.

We believe that you will be thrilled, as many other patients were, with our approach, understanding and high level of services.

#4 Natural Aesthetics

“We offer the natural beauty of your smile … on which everyone will envy.”

Feeling for details. High level of expertise and skills. Choosing the best materials. Personal dedication to each individual chase. -> only this approach can provide smiles with a natural beauty.

Dental Prime Clinic together with Dr Ivan Puljić is recognized as one which creates the perfect smiles with natural beauty.

Dr. Ivan Puljić is one of few dentist in this business that has recognition from the world’s largest dental company Ivoclar Vivadent. Ivoclar Vivadent recognized expertise and knowledge of dr Puljić and engaged him as their Opinion Leader in Cosmetic dentistry – thus dr Puljić is a regional lecturer at numerous expert seminars and workshops in Cosmetic Dentistry.

Some of dr. Puljić’s work cases were published in the world prestigious dental bulletins.

#5 People’s choice number 1

“That’s what I was looking for!” James B, London            

Satisfaction. Comfort. Renewed self esteem. The main reasons why we are people’s best choice is due to our commitment to work, individual approach, and best results you can find this days in dental business.

Our number one marketing channel is Patients recommendation – every patient that had opportunity of being our patient is overwhelmed and he is our best marketing provider.

 Patient satisfaction is our number one priority because it defines our future.