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About us

Materials & Technology

You could have a more beautiful Smile

Nature does not always provide us with the per­fect smile. Teeth may get chipped or stained in our daily lives. We can help you achieve the beautiful, vibrant smile you have always wanted by combining the best approach with top class materials and technology available right now in world' dental praxis.

In Dental Prime clinic, we stand for meeting the highest level of services using the best materials, high-end techniques and technologies achieving the best results you can find right now within this region.

Nowadays, the use of all ceramic material is patient's first choice when it comes to dental natural aesthetics - you just need to come to the right place – this is the only way you will get a natural smile and the desired quality. For best results in dental aesthetics we only recommend lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic material, from the best manufacturers in the world IVOCLAR VIVADENT known as IPS e.max.

IPS e.max is a ceramic material which combines strength and beauty unlike any other dental restorative.

IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate

Lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic is ideally suitable for the fabrication of monolithic single-tooth restorations. This innovative ceramic provides highly aesthetic results and, compared to other glass-ceramics, demonstrates a strength that is 2.5 to 3 times higher. Supported with zirconium oxide, it may also be used for bridges in the posterior area.

No matter what your dental situation is, IPS e.max® all-ceramic material will bring back the smile to your face.


Dental Technology

At Dental Prime’ practice we utilise the most advanced and innovative dental procedures in the world, that are the most highly aesthetic and long-lasting. Dr Puljić uses superior techniques developed from direct collaboration with world-leaders in advanced dental treatments that are not commonly used in mainstream dentistry.

With the aid of highly sophisticated hardware and software, diagnosis and treatment are integrated in a digital workflow that can accommodate complex dental procedures never before possible.