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About us

Our Philosophy

Join us for a journey in which the impossible becomes possible, and dreams become reality … where true stories ever ends with happy endings.

"Trust me, life is too short and we must find time and place for ourselves – CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Starting now!  

and welcome to DENTAL PRIME.


Our journey starts here with our MISSION which is endless.

Road paved with happy ending stories…. of people who had willpower and courage to do the first step to a happiness and Improving Quality Of Life.

Everything starts with a CHANGE and CHANGE is necessary for all of us... A new, fresh beginning. At some point that is what we all need in life.

We believe that we are here for a reason! and that reason is to increase level of quality and professionalism in dental industry.



Every patient is special and important to us. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations through understanding, care and dedication in ensuring the most elegant solutions and beautiful results.


OUR DIRECTION                               

Direction help as keep focused on our journey, our mission. . . That journey will lead us to become people's first choice when aesthetic and supreme cutting edge dental technique comes in question. And that is our future. Dental Prime! Five star smile.

We must have in place:

  • PEOPLE who are inspired working in Dental Prime and their will to do their best every day.

  • SERVICES. give the latest/ cutting edge the most innovative solutions to our clients.

  • PARTNERS. having the best there is on the market by which our value increases.

  • COMPANY. Insuring quality future by balancing with responsibilities to client’s satisfaction and making profit.

  • COMMUNITY. Helping others is noble and good for your soul.



To be able to accomplish all that we need to follow our Principles: Integrity. Discipline. Commitment.


And none of this would be possible if we are not the Crew with certain attitude and rules. And these are our Rules…

  • We will make all decisions based on putting the clients' interest first, the firm's second and the individual’s last.

  • We do not accept people who fail to operate in this way.

  • We will achieve level of client satisfaction that result in client referrals becoming our main source of new business.

  • We will invest a significant amount of time each year in things that will pay off in the future