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About us

Professionals you can trust

What makes us so different?

The reason why we started Dental Prime story was to offer the highest level of quality together with the pure natural aesthetics that you can find right now in dental practice.

We realized that at the moment situation on dental market follows trend of falling prices on the account of less quality. Dentists are more focused on running over capacitated business, which is not in their nature, and less focused on investing in their personal education and improving skills and techniques that are currently used in world’s dental industry. What follows is fast and cheep solutions and in the end it always comes as more expensive ones.  

Biomimetic philosophy is something that will be recognized as best possible solution for patients needs.

The most important thing is having a good dentist!

What is also the most needed thing for a good clinic is to have two key parsons – good dentist and good manager – in that case dentist is not the one managing the company because he or she does not have the skills or time to do it – everybody should do what they are trained to do best.

 In that way dentist is totally focused and committed to his patients. 

Ask yourself a question… would you allow experienced manager to do your teeth or places the implants? – I don’t think so! … that is also situation with managing the clinic/company. Other doctors waste too much time running the company than committing to its patience or its own improvement.

Dr Ivan Puljić is totally committed and focused on treating his patients and investing time in his own improvement because he has good manager behind him to do staff that does not concern his profession. Dr Puljić dedicates his time to enlarge his knowledge and skills through specialized seminars in organization of world’s best dental corporations. Dr Puljić’s skills and knowledge are recognized and accepted as first class services by world’s biggest dental corporation IVOCLAR VIVADEN who engaged him as their Opinion Leader for this region. For several years now, Dr Puljić has been giving classes and seminars to other dentist from Cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Puljić cases have been subject to many articles in profession magazines, newspapers, etc.

To be a part of family.

Dental Prime is one family boutique dental clinic with first class dental services driven by experienced and high qualified dentist dr Puljić and his staff.

Like any other healthy family what bound us is love, trust, confidence, understanding, and felling of safety – no matter what situation might be we are always ready to help each other –as our patient we are taking care of you as a part of our family.


Our team is dedicated to enhancing your experience with us, and each of our members bring their unique skills and personalities to Dental Prime Clinic.

Dental Prime Crew!

Dr Lana Katavić Puljić

dental and restorative aesthetic specialist

Dentistry runs through my family for generations. My father and my mother who are experts in the field of aesthetic dentistry had their own clinics in Zagreb and in Slovenia. After I finished faculty I joined them and gained firsthand experience which is priceless. My mother is still running clinic in Slovenia and after my dad retired he let me continue his practice in Zagreb.
Later on, my husband Dr Ivan Puljić and I joined our forces in Dental Prime Clinic to be able at any moment offer complete solution to our precious patients.
I attended numerous international and domestic workshops, lectures and summits in order to continuously improve my expertise in dental aesthetics.

Domagoj Puljić  

Co-founder & CEO of Dental Prime Clinic

Together with my brother Dr Ivan Puljić I founded Dental Prime Clinic. We are investing all our knowledge and all our previous gained experience to make the best boutique dental clinic in this region.

For almost all my life I am surrounded with dentistry  - through my brother's faculty and later on through his work - and I can ensure you there is no expert like my bro.  

Since my expertise are business economics I have great previous experience of managing large corporations and great banking experience, which helps us to set the highest operational level of our Clinic. 

We created a clear concept that provides best quality, best security and best comfort for all the patients.

Dental technicians

Technical laboratory

Our Dental technicians have the fastest and precious hands you can find these days in dentistry. When you combine their hands together with Dr Puljić's skills and his attention to details you'll get the perfect results that will blow your mind.