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Dental Prime Instant Orthodontics

Immediate Orthodontics with All-ceramic Veneers

Dental Prime Instant Orthodontics

(December 20th, 2014)

Tagged with:  All-ceramic Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth crowding, misalignment of the bite, spaces between the teeth… These dental problems have traditionally been corrected with orthodontic appliances such as metal braces or clear plastic aligners. But for many patients, especially those with minor to moderate orthodontic issues, all-ceramic veneers can be used to mask such flaws in far less time. At the Dental Prime Clinic, "instant orthodontics" can be achieved with all-ceramic veneers. In this blog post, we explain what instant orthodontics is, and what patients can expect during the treatment process.

What Is Instant Orthodontics?

Instant orthodontics refers to the use of all-ceramic veneers to cover up orthodontic imperfections. Rather than moving the teeth into their desired position over a period of several months, as is done with braces and clear aligners, the orthodontic flaws affecting the smile are hidden behind tooth-shaped fabrications made of ceramic; the all-ceramic material resembles the look of natural teeth. With all-ceramic veneers:

  • Crafting veneers that are wider than the actual tooth can close gaps between the teeth
  • Fabricating veneers in a greater length or width can produce a uniform and balanced look by treating misshapen or disproportionate teeth
  • A twisted tooth or tooth that juts out can be trimmed down to accommodate a veneer that will sit flush with adjacent teeth

The Instant Orthodontics Procedure

For our Prime all-ceramic veneers patients, the instant orthodontics treatment process is completed in three stages.

Stage One - The Planning Phase

The planning stage of the all-ceramic veneers treatment process is important because it is at this time that we will decide on the final look of the veneers. Dr Puljić will discuss what you like and dislike about your teeth and smile to gain a clearer understanding of your goals. Together, we will decide on a look that complements your surrounding features and addresses your cosmetic goals.

Stage Two - Tooth Preparation and Mold

We will begin to prepare the teeth to accommodate the custom veneers that we have designed for you. This may involve the minimal removal of your natural tooth structure. Once the teeth have been prepared, an impression is made. The impression, along with the design specifications, is sent to a dental lab that fabricates quality all-ceramic veneers, a process that will take for two days. In the interim, we will place temporary veneers to protect the teeth and improve the appearance of the smile.

Stage Three - Placement of the Veneers

At the final stage of your all-ceramic veneers treatment, we will check the appearance and fit of the fabrications before bonding them to the teeth with a strong dental adhesive. After a final polish, you can leave our clinic with beautifully straight and symmetrical teeth.

To schedule an all-ceramic veneers consultation with Dr. Puljić, contact Dental Prime Clinic today.