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Dental implants

Immediate dental implants


Many patients who are considering dental implants first need a tooth extracted before the implant is placed. Nowadays it is very often procedure, we are able to both extract a tooth and place the implant during the same surgery. Though it may seem like a lot to have done in one day, this option actually saves you time and money. Here’s why:


Often, bone grafting is needed at the extraction sites before placing the implant, and for this reason, sedation would be recommended for both an extraction and an implant. If we can place the implant on the day of your extraction, we eliminates the need to come back a second time to have an implant placed, and thereby eliminates the second sedation charge and travelling expenses.

Furthermore, the need to organise the whole trip, pay for travelling costs and accommodation all over again and still have a second surgery is also eliminated. All in all, this saves you a lot of money.


After the extraction of a tooth, if bone grafting is done, a three-month healing period is necessary for the bone graft to heal and mature with your jawbone BEFORE an implant can be placed. After the implant placement, there are an additional 3 and a half months before the final restoration can be put in.

However, if an implant is placed immediately, the first three-month healing period is completely eliminated. This means that we can put in your final tooth three months sooner, restoring you to your normal state of mouth/aesthetic function.


Put simply, why would anyone undergo another surgery if they don’t need to? Though implant surgery is minor on the scale of invasiveness (many liken its discomfort to that of getting one’s ears pierced), surgery is still surgery, and the body takes its time to recover. Immediate implant placement saves the body from having to heal itself from another surgery. In a nutshell, immediate implant placement cuts recovery and your total "down time" in half.