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Dental turism

Dental tourism by Dental prime

Get to Now the Beauties of Nature.

Towns full of history, beauties of nature, Mediterranean food and pleasant, friendly people are only some of the reasons that make a visit to Croatia worth your while.

Dental Prime “City Brake” enabled many of our clients to mix pleasure with dental treatment.

While enjoying all the beauties Croatia has to offer, you can do something for yourself and save money.

Official statistic records show significant increase of people coming from Great Britain and Scandinavia to Croatia for dental treatments and holidays. Dental Prime Clinic is live proof of that statistic; we had 120% increase of patients from Great Britain and Scandinavia.

The Dental Prime team will make sure to offer you the best selection of excursions combined with your dental treatment. In that way you can enjoy during your stay and when you get back home you can share your beautiful memories with your love ones.

Our patients are comfortably accommodated in luxury apartments at the very centre of the town, close to the clinic.

“Mix it up! Beauties of nature and natural appearance.”


"Choosing the right cosmetic dentist is the most important thing you should do." 
                                                                                                 - Dr. Ivan Puljić, dental and restorative aeasthetic specialist 

Numerous patients from abroad use the services of our boutique dental clinic in the centre of Zagrebknowing that the results will exceed their expectation, owing to Dr. Ivan Puljić, a highly qualified expert in cosmetic dentistry, and his staff, who use only high-end materials and technology that is rarely seen and used in these areas.

Dental Prime guarantees to its patients:

  1. High level of expertise thanks to Dr Puljić, dental and restorative aeasthetic specialist 

  2. High level of security and safety

  3. High savings!
  4. High-end technology & materials

  5. Personal engagement of dr Puljić in every case

  6. All staff 24/7 support 

Thanks to a high level of quality and affordable prices, our clients are very satisfied and thankful. We base our business on ensuring best value for money, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Dental Prime is fully trusted dental clinic. We stand behind our work and the materials that we use, as a consequence of which our restorations have longer durability periods and we receive few guarantee claims, helping you save money and time! You need to think ahead.

Except top class dental services in Dental Prime we will take care that your stay passes as comfortable and relaxed as it can be.

Staying in one of our five star apartments will make you feel like royalty.

Furthermore, our team can help you organize or suggest some options how to spend free time in Zagreb – maybe organize some trip within Zagreb’ surroundings or just get to know Zagreb and its beauty.


At the end of the day you cannot negotiate quality. All the effort will pay off just make the right step.

Contact us know for further consultations.