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Dental turism


Zagreb has many restaurants in which you can try a wide variety of tasty meals representative of domestic and international cuisines.

Thanks to a rich choice of quality and sea food dishes that derive from the Adriatic Sea, many people have nicknamed Zagreb as the coastal city. If you wish to taste original inland specialties from the Zagreb area, then we recommend zagrebački odrezak (baked veal fillet filled with ham and cheese) and purica s mlincima (turkey served with thin dough that is fried on a hot stove and then poured over with boiling water).
Many enjoy the very tasteful zagorski štrukli (a continental specialty made of dough and cheese); its taste has no boundaries - this traditional meal originates from the surrounding provinces nearby Zagreb.

Zagreb coffee shops are also very popular. They have managed to preserve their traditional feel despite our modern times. Their classiness and spirit of old heritage make them the ideal place to read a newspaper, have a break or simply watch people pass by…