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Planning your visit



Usually dental clinics offers you different accommodation varieties and in all cases you have to pay for it...here at Dental Prime we have different approach.

Mostly what is offered to you are three star hotels or apartments from 35 to 50 eur per night in some suburbs or villages. In Dental Prime you will have the opportunity to stay in the best possible apartments, in the best possible location - city centre Main Square in Zagreb.

We have three prime apartments on prime locations in the city centre. Alternatively, we can offer perfect peaceful apartments near the Clinic.

Since Dental Prime Clinic is in the city centre you can choose ether Apartments on Main Square or Apartments near Clinic – whatever suits you better because they are only 5 minutes away from Clinic.

In case that all our apartments are fully booked we can offer free of charge accommodation within nearest three stars hotel.

Most importantly, YOUR ACCOMMODATION is FREE of CHARGE!  You just saved at least 60EUR to 80EUR per night.


Dental Prime’s APARTMENTS

Apartments are located in the very centre of Croatia's capital city Zagreb, apartments provide you with complete comfort, modern decorated and equipped with all the necessities needed for a relaxing holiday.

Apartment Main Square 1 - consists of 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom with toilet and another separate toilet.

Apartment Main Square 2 - consists of 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and bathroom with toilet.

Apartment Main Square 3 - consists of one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom with toilet.

Located in the very centre of Croatia's capital city Zagreb, in the Ilica 8 street, Radiceva 30 street and Josip Jelacic square, apartments Dental Prime provide you with comfortable accommodation.

Angel Main Square 1 - Ilica 8

Angel Main Square 2 - Pavla Radica 30

Angel Main Square 3 - Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica 6

Apartment near Clinic - 5 star apartment only 2 minutes walk to Clinic, near Kvatrić squear and 5 minutes walk to Zagreb's biggest and the most beautiful park Maksimir. 

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Internet | TV | Satellite television| Hi-Fi | Computer | Air conditioning | Microwave | Washing machine | Parking