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Planning your visit

Planning from A to Z

STEP 1:  Make An enquiry

While reading our web site you will find out that you are at the right place. Next thing you should do is write down all the questions or doubts about things you would like to know and send us by e-mail or make a call.

If you are having doubts with some other offer or you find it hard to understand it... do not hesitate to send us your second offer by e-mail and we can discuss it to details. 

Sometimes is better to send an email because you have it all in writing and you can remind yourself any time.

If this is about certain situation than you have in place and you want to make certain enquiry send us email which describes your current situation and in a short period within 24 hours you will receive email from us with the list of questions we need to have in order to do complete analysis and estimation costs.

To be more precise in making a diagnosis the most needed thing we need is panoramic X-Ray or OPG (Ortopan). Usually you will get X-Ray in electronic form, than you can e-mail us the file or share folder using dropbox or other cloud options.

Check your mail box within 24 hours the whole analysis together with our offer will be send it to you or we will contact you by the phone just leave your number.


STEP 2:  Selecting dates > Book flight > book accommodation

After you went through our analysis and estimation (A&E) you should contact (email or phone) Dental Prime’s office or our office will contact you to go trough your offer once again. If you are OK with it you should make offer confirmation to our office by e-mail or phone. Once this is done it is time to arrange appointment dates.

You will be suggested with few appointment options and based on that you are ready to book a flight. Our suggestion is to visit www.castlepool.com and see your options or go to your local flight agent and ask for few option or you can have our people look for best convenient flight.

Next step is Booking accommodation which will be much easier for you because after you book a flight you will send us arrival and departure dates and based on which we will be able to arrange accommodation for you – we offer luxury apartments at the Zagreb main square and apartments near Clinic - or if you prefer hotel it is an option. For more accommodation information and terms and conditions please visit this link: accommodation.

STEP 3:  Confirmation

Before your departure we will send you confirmation form of your appointment bookings, travel arrangements and accommodation.

STEP 4:  Arrival

Once you arrive to Pleso Zagreb (airport) our driver will wait for you and escort you to your accommodation.

You will receive Arrival Package:

  • Apartment Keys

  • Internal Mobile phone – communication 24/7 with our staff, internet, GPS- easier to navigate around the city.

  • Appointment card – with date and time of your first appointment.

  • Tourist brochures, city map, public transportation map.

  • Free ticket for public transportation

STEP 5:  First day at a Clinic

Our driver will pick you up 15 minutes before agreed schedule and escort you to our clinic (it is free of charge).

First thing when you arrive to the Clinic you will meet Dr. Ivan Puljić our head of Clinic that will be responsible for you through your treatment and with him you can discuss anything. You will go through your situation based on his exam and define your treatment plan . (visit: FIRST RANDE VU With Dr Puljić) 


And now you can relax because the Best hands in region will do the magic.

During treatment you will be inform and explained about your current situation and what goes next.

STEP 7:  Payment day

Trough your treatment you will be updated if there are curtain deviation of your first estimation.

Payment can be done by:

  • credit card Visa, MasterCard or American Express

  • internet bank transfer directly in the clinic or

  • in cash – we accept British pounds (£) or Euros (€) – for cash payment we approve 10% discount.

STEP 7:  Your 5 star smile

Before you go home you will have final brief with your main doctor about your After Care and good advices to remember how to treat you perfect smile. 


Once you become our client you will stay with us forever. Before you leave you will receive Guarantee book witch specified what materials we used in your Treatment and their guarantee period.

You are free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you.

Your perfect smile and satisfaction is or best reward and publicity.

Don’t be ashamed any more show the world your new FIVE STAR SMILE and just Keep on smiling.