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Planning your visit

Traveling Options


To organise your flight you can contact your local flight agent or you can browse option online on castlepool.com / skyscanner.net or you can contact us and let our team find the best convenient flight.
There are several options arriving to Zagreb – since there is only direct flight from London to Zagreb if you are from other parts of UK you can also take a flight that goes to Rijeka (Croatia) or Ljubljana (Slovenia). It is only 45 minutes away from Zagreb and lots of our patients use these alternative routes. Our driver will pick you up at the airport.


If you are flying directly to Zagreb Pleso airport, our driver will wait for you and escort you to your accommodation. You will receive Arrival Package:

  • Apartment Keys

  • Internal Mobile phone – communication 24/7 with our staff, internet, GPS- easier to navigate around the city.

  • Appointment card – with date and time of your first appointment.

  • Tourist brochures, city map, public transportation map.

  • Free ticket for public transportation if needed