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Prices & quality

Quality guarantee

Quality First!

You are at the right place when it comes to Quality. Our Dental Prime laboratory is using the world‘s best materials and together with cutting edge technology we are creating premium products and services.

Why lot of people comes to our Clinic? ...is due to dedication to details, expertise, professionalism and knowledge of our Dental Team under guidance of dr. Ivan Puljić (IVOCLAR VIVADENT's Opinion Leader).

  1. We are known as the number one clinic for high aesthetic dentistry which includes all ceramic products to ensure perfect natural smiles of our patients.

  2. We do not measure Quality with the size of the clinic or by numerous staff, because we believe that we cannot be focused and committed to our patients in that way. Dr. Ivan Puljic goes through whole treatment with every individual patient.

  3. We do not measure Quality with the lowest prices, because we believe that quality and patient satisfaction can not be underestimated.

"We stand behind our work. Client satisfaction is our No 1 priority. Having collaboration with the world’s best producers in dental industry like: Nobel, IVOCLAR VIVADENT, STRUMMAN etc, we are insuring best quality for our clients." -

dr Ivan Puljić, Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist


The Dental Prime clinic gives guarantee on implantations, cosmetic dentistry fixed restorations, and on removable restorations.

The guarantees apply to remedial dental work and can be validated only if you have Dental Prime’s Guarantee document signed with you.

The Guarantee applies for:

  • NOBEL Implants:                    lifetime guarantee!!

  • E.MAX: crowns, veneers:      5 years

  • Inlays / Onlays:                       5 years

  • Partial and full dentures:      2 years

  • Fillings:                                    1 years

Traveling expenses to and from Croatia nor accommodation costs are not covered with Guarantee and it is only valid for remedial dental work.

The Clinic is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having tooth/teeth prepared for crown & bridgework. Occasionally, teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown & bridgework treatment resulting in a need for a root canal treatment afterwards.

The Clinic cannot accept guarantee claims for temporary crowns/bridges or dentures.

In case of a failure of the laboratory works, the Clinic will cover all necessary dental and laboratory costs to rectify the problem. We will restore, repair or change broken, loose, cracked, and discolored fillings or crowns free of charge. In the case of implants the guarantee is only valid if our dental clinic completes the full work including fitting the crowns and/or bridges.

The guarantees are not valid if:

  • The Dentist's instructions have not been followed.

  • Accidental damage has occurred such as dropping dentures.

  • The defective dental treatment has been treated by anyone other than the ‘Dental Prime’.

  • Removable restoration such as partial or full dentures have not been kept and maintained properly.

  • Oral hygiene has been neglected.

  • There is a natural decline in the health of gum tissue or teeth bone.

  • If there is a disease present that has had negative effects for the defective dental condition.