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Smile gallery

Before & After

The natural desire for beautiful teeth

The desire for beautiful teeth is a natural one – a good reason to pay attention to the selection and quality of the restoration. Dental Prime can help you to individually fulfil your wishes and needs.

The best restoration is one that is not recognized as such.

Everything we do, we do it right! When you combine determination and knowledge,… patience and experience…. You will get results worth admiring. And that is all that we at Dental Prime will accept… nothing less.

 CASES - Before & after

Smile Makeover

Mark (40) turned to our clinic due to pain, grinding and clicking in the temporomandibular (masticatory) joint, and the desire to finally have beautiful smile that will change his life.





 All Ceramic Veneers

After the completion of orthodontic treatment Susan (26) turned to our clinic because she was unhappy with the aesthetics of the front upper teeth.







All Ceramic Crowns

Helen (20) turned to us because she was unhappy about hers appearance of front teeth. Helena presented that she would love to have straight teeth whose colour and shape is in line with other teeth.






Smile Makeover

Lisa (24) contact us because she was unhappy with the appearance of hers front teeth.