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Smile makeovers

Smile makovers

Did you ever dream of having a perfect white smile?    

Well, You are not the only one!  Research shows that more than 80% of women and more than 60% of man aren't too happy with their smile. If you are one of them Cosmetic Dentistry will do the trick.

Cosmetic dentistry or so called SMILE MAKEOVER is in the advance nowadays. Everyone is seeking for the perfect white Hollywood smile and with today’s dental technology it is easy to get it. Beautiful smile shows not only persons outer appearance and aesthetics but also it is a good indication of their inner health and overall happiness. Problems of having gaps between the teeth, discoloured teeth, chipped, crooked teeth or create a younger smile are something millions of people are affected by. With cosmetic dentistry, all these flaws can be corrected and you can have the smile you always dreamed about. Dental industry is growing every day and now more dentists offer cosmetic dental treatments.

In only three or five days, we can transform your smile and conceal imperfections that may be affecting your self esteem and everyday life.

The most important thing when we talk about Smile Makeover or Cosmetic Dentistry is yours doctor expertise.

Having that said, Dental Prime is at Number One Place - Dr. Ivan Puljić is the reason why numerous patients come to our Clinic in search for the perfect Hollywood smile.

We offer an array of cosmetic treatment choices, including whitening and bleaching, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, all ceramic crowns and bridges and dental implants.

The goal is how to make perfect smile that you always wanted taking into consideration the shape of your face, colour of your skin, hair, teeth, gum and lips.

Having a Smile Makeover will not only affect your self-confidence it will also improve your jaw function. 

Below is a brief summary of just some of the cosmetic treatments we offer at our Dental Prime Clinic. During your initial consultation, Dr. Ivan Puljić will discuss all these options in depth with you before deciding on the best possible treatment to address your needs and meet your goals.

Why Dental Prime?

  • Dr. Puljić is an expert in a field of Cosmetic Dentistry and further more, he is Opinion Leader and Lector at numerous seminars across region engaged by world’s premium producer in dental industry IVOCLAR VIVADENT.

  • Another important thing that matters is unique Biomimetic Approach philosophy. Dr. Ivan Puljić is first in Zagreb that implemented this approach and is in the core of Dental Prime' business.

  • Using supreme technics and supreme materials we are creating beautiful smiles with natural appearance.

 Contact us today for free information and consultations about Smile Makeover at: info@dentalprime.co.uk