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why all ceramics

Why Choose All-Ceramic?

For instance, you need a new mobile phone what is the first thing that drops to your mind – un old, huge box with the small screen? – I don't think so! Or if you have important business meeting today and you really what to impress everybody whit your style – what do you do? – You go to the attic and grab one of your grandpa’ suits with the funny colour shirt and tie. – I don't think so!

It is the exact same difference/ situation between “wearing” metal ceramic teeth and having all ceramic teeth. I agree they are functional and you can eat and live with them as long as you like – no doubt about that, but that technique was high-end back there in 90’ and today they just do not fit. Just like that suit and tie or old fashion mobile phone – it was perfect long time ago and today we what the best. Standards moved up the leader and been of use are not something that we are satisfied today – it should be the whole package!

Aesthetic. functionality. strength!

1Metal ceramic is thing of the past! Today, we have all ceramic materials that have the exact the same strength index as metal ceramic – all ceramic materials are 3 to 4 times stronger than natural enamel. For a dentist and laboratory all ceramic technique is much more complex than working with metal ceramic. It requires lots of patience, skills, and felling for details to make it perfect.

Dental Prime’ philosophy is based on Biomimetic Approach what is the best possible method when it comes to health, long lasting and aesthetic of your teeth. Find out more about Biomimetic approach.

The only thing why dentists are avoiding using sophisticated methods like Biomimetic approach and all-ceramic it’s because of lack of knowledge and interest to overcome skills and technique needed to perform with all ceramic. You need to invest serious time and money and it is hell of a work to do it.

Dental Prime philosophy is to be leaders in every aspect of our profession. When you decide to invest into something make sure you invest wisely.

Metal ceramic Vs. All-Ceramic

Unnatural look vs beautiful natural look … I always choose the best.

Tooth made of all ceramic do not contain metal core, and light can penetrate through the material as well as it can through natural teeth. For that reason it is impossible to determine whether it is a natural tooth or restoration – of course keeping in mind that you went to a real Cosmetic Dentist expert that has experience and skills required for all ceramic.

Nowadays, material technology went so far in advance that strength of the glass ceramic material brought to the same level as metal ceramic. The only big difference between metal ceramic and all ceramic is in aesthetics.

Products of all ceramic are recognizable by:

• Achieving high aesthetic and natural appearance

• Long lasting - thanks to the quality and high strength of material Lithium disilicate

• Wide range of colors

• Bio-compatibility with the human body

Dental Prime Clinic is one among the few clinics that operate at such a high level, and all that thanks to supreme Cosmetic Dental specialist Dr. Ivan Puljic.

Dr. Puljić has completed over 1000 of veneers and crowns from the best all ceramic materials achieving beautiful results for all our clients.  His reputation as one of few specialist in dental Cosmetic Dentistry in this region made Dental Prime Clinic recommended and supported from world's biggest companies in dental industry - IVOCLAR VIVADENT and NOBEL BIoCare. 

Also, Dr. Puljić wrote many articles and lead many workshops on this subject. Read the biography of Dr. Puljic.